Readings by aurora

gifted spiritual healer

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Our Services

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$10 2 Question reading

this reading was made for people who need guidance on something pacifically or someone)  

$20 Palm reading

provides all around general information about all aspects of life 

$30 Tea cup reading

a tea cup of herbal tea is providing for you to drink the rea leaves on the bottom is a vintage way to do readings this one focus's on people around you and the future 

$40 tarot card 

full deck of tarot provides detailed pacific things about you and your life

$60 full life reading

Goes in detail about everything in your life and future outcomes and focus's more on love as well

meditation sessons

Chakra healing 

form of reiki healing goes into all 7 chakras and balances and restores them

Energy cleansing  

purifies the energy around you and filters the negative energy that others or yourself can bring also puts protection around your energy so it can stay cleansed 

Energy healing kits 

Kit includes a herbal tea to heal the energy from inside a candle to heal and protect the energy from around you and other special things.    

Our Mission

My goal is to give the most best reading someone can ask for i am not only a god gifted psychic but have studied in tarot & palmistry & energy healing most of my life i love what i do everyday i treat my clients with respect,honesty and keep all readings and sessions all confidential.